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Yes, I am now open for commissions! Money is going to be tight next semester as I transfer to a new university, so I’m trying to lighten the load a little.

As for what I am offering:

Headshots - $40. I strive for more realism in these, generally because the nature of them makes it simpler for me to capture personality and facial details. 

Waist - $50. While these tend to lean toward being more stylistic, the amount of time involved is greater. 

Each piece will be fully rendered to the best of my ability. I won’t be offering sketches, flat colors, etc., though feel free to ask for a piece in grayscale (black and white) if you prefer it! I often color from grayscale regardless. You can request a simple background, or none. 

WIPs will be given upon request, but I ask that you be patient with me. I aim for a relatively quick turnaround, but I am a full-time student and have other obligations as well. If I find you unpleasant to work with or for some reason feel that I cannot fulfill your request, I reserve the right to deny your commission and/or refund your payment. 


  • Anything sexual, though nudity (to a point) and pin-ups are okay. Just ask.
  • Worgen, tauren, basically most things that are non-human or covered in fur. Sorry guys, but I have next to no experience with these and I guarantee you will not like the finished product. :( Creatures like elves and draenei are close enough that they should be okay.

I do accept non-WoW characters as well! 

Full payment will be expected before I begin your piece and handled through PayPal. My information for that will be given to you once I have accepted your request.

I ask that all commission requests be sent to my email at! We can discuss it from there. Be ready to provide character descriptions, reference pictures, and any other relevant details. I want to give you an accurate representation of your babies. :)

Thank you for your interest! And reblogs are lovely too.

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A parakeet trying his hardest to say ‘Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition’


the spanish inqui-baby bird


i’m so proud of him

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during the witch burning times, midwives were targeted because they were healers and they eased the pain of childbirth which was meant to be woman’s punishment for eating the apple in the garden of eden.

birth control and abortion were considered sinful for the same reason.

anti-choice sentiment started because people (men) wanted women to be punished, and these misogynistic ideas have carried on for hundreds of years.

what a sad reflection on our society.


Not sure about other witch killings, but the Salem Witch Trials were very much motivated by political maneuvering and land disputes, among some other things. It had little to do with the idea of women being punished for giving birth and going after midwives for easing it. It was mostly women who were murdered by the trials, but some men were also accused, tried, and killed alongside them.

Granted, Early Colonial America wasn’t exactly progressive on gender roles with women expected to be baby-pumping-out machines. And childbirth was the most common cause of death for women because until about the 1900’s, the birthing process was extremely risky. Interestingly enough, the Puritanical Massachusetts Bay colony was the spawning point of American Feminism with writers like Anne Bradstreet.

Again, if the OP had nothing to do with Puritanical America or Salem, ignore this.


giles corey R1 witch

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Back Room Dealings

I’ve meant to write this sooner but I am literally the worst. Hope you like this, erichmanstein. ^^

Somewhere in a quiet back room of one of Highhold’s finer dining establishments, three Dark Iron dwarves sat about a small table spread with drinks and delicacies.

Theldin Shadowseer, though he was not a particularly tall or impressive figure, had arranged their seating and chairs so that he sat just slightly higher than the other two, appropriate for his station as the representative of mighty Ironforge. The canny sorcerer had argued with and finally bribed the owners of the restaurant to prepare the room according to his precise demands, and he had personally inspected it for spies and enchantments. The paranoia of the Dark Irons was legendary, and for good reason, with how often they tended to betray one another.

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[Western Front]: Reinforcements



Who from the Eastern front is interested in attending Western Front events? I will attempt to ensure that original Western Front characters are given priority in troop listings, but I have no idea which characters will be swapping. 

So: if you are attending these upcoming events on a new character that has so far been involved in the Eastern Front, please reblog this by 9/15, 5:00 PM at the latest. 


Harold Hargrave will be moving to the Western Front.

Sharlotte will head west.

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Big Shout Out to...













bloodoflordaeron and all of those who were assisting so many people get their Gold CMs done. It’s awesome to see a group of people so dedicated to getting so many members such a challenging bonus.

Huge props!

Yeah it was truly awesome and amazing

Vesp and…

Wow I only did like 65 cms thanks cythe

I’m glad you got all your alts done :)

Yeah not sure I would’ve managed without 30 on both my hunter and warrior :)

Well hey so you helped out your friends too that’s wonderful. I was just speaking about Vesp and others that helped everyone out who asked.

That you’re unaware of who, when or why I helped people with CMs doesn’t change the reality of it.

I mean instead of doubling down on your wrong assumptions you could just not be unpleasant for no reason whatsoever.

Well what about next time instead of scoffing at Vesp doing 70 cm runs for his guild you say ” hey man nice job” an then I won’t have to point out that I’ve never seen you volunteer to help someone out who isn’t a skype pal.

Did I scoff at Vesp’s meaningful contributions towards helping people get CMs? Stop moving the goalposts.

And again, you need to stop doubling down on your incorrect assumptions. You’re smart enough to know that just because you didn’t personally see something happen doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I don’t know why you’re so defensive over it if it’s untrue?
Listen, whatever there’s nothing bad about helping personal friends get what they want but it is markedly different to Vesp helping out anyone in the guild who asked him to the tune of 70 CM runs on one character.

So don’t be a blasé dick about it and I won’t fly up in your face. Enjoy the new models.

lmao, yeah I’m the one here who’s being a dick

Go on living in your fantasy world

Guuuuys :(((

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Special Thanks for this Expansion.


Since there are so many people that are involved with the Blood of Lordaeron experience, I would like to go down the list of our followers and thank each one of those that are, well, integral to the guild’s continued existence and strength.  

We are a very forceful guild, so to those that have endured our presence, I’d like to congratulate each for weathering an intense and often trying roleplay experience that hopefully has helped mature you as writers and roleplayers. 

For the sake of the size of it all, I’ll post it below the cut!

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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :3 :3